Werner Kluge Engineering Kiel    

We were created in 1948 by our founder, Werner Kluge. At that time, our primary business was the development and fabrication of naval radio-goniometers; an angular positioning device for sea-going vessels. Under new management, in 1996, our activities and experience rapidly expanded, due to our collaboration with the Dr. Carl Hahn Company, located in Kiel, Germany. This was a milestone for our organization because Dr. Carl Hahn was soon acquired by Johnson & Johnson and we remained the ongoing provider of their packaging systems. Since then, our philosophy of continuous improvement has increased our knowledge and our manufacturing expertise, especially in the areas of custom packaging equipment and the hygiene industry, and Werner Kluge now serves many global customers.

Our qualified team of 18 professionals cover the full spectrum of machine production, including development, design and in-house machine fabrication. We also provide a broad scope of manufacturing capabilities; ranging from small, precision parts to the construction of complete production facilities. Our current level of association with numerous distinguished companies substantiates our dedication to safety, cost, competence and quality.