Machine Tool Technology


Our delivery program covers high-quality precision parts, custom built to your standards and specifications. Werner Kluge works with all common stock, including steel, high-grade steel, titanium, brass, bronze, aluminum, plastic as well as casting. We can fill your orders with individual parts, ready for installation, or as complete assemblies. When desired we supply your equipment with a polished or glass-Perl-radiated surface. In cooperation with our high performance partners, you may additionally request various surface treatments, such as Eloxal, Harteloxal, lacquer, galvanizing, chromium-plating, burnishing, nickel plating, and more. For the production of your parts, we simply require a drawing, a sample or CAD data for our CAM system. And, of course, we offer our engineering support for the design and fabrication of new products. For detailed information, please contact the head of our manufacturing department, Mr. Lüpke.